Unique Experience of Sailing Vacation whit privately crewed catamaran in the Gorgeous Archipelago of San Blas Panamá.

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The Best Catamaran in San Blas Islands Panamá.

We offer a Unique Experience of Sailing Vacation on our privately crewed catamaran IN the Gorgeous Archipelago of San Blas, Panama. On board we try to give always the best possible service, our philosophy is to provide a meticulous quality service in order to meet all guests’ needs.

Numa Catamaran in San Blas Islands Panama All Inclusive

All Inclusive

Nothing better than enjoying San Blas All Inclusive.


Tour Of The Best Places in San Blas in The Best Catamaran.


Comfort and luxury, all in one place, the only concern? Enjoy!!!

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The Best and Most Dedicated San Blas Crew Awaits You On Board.


San Blas Islands Panamá

San Blas islands, located on the northest coast of Panama, are the most beautiful and untouched pearl of the caribbean sea. The land of the Guna indians have more than 360 white sand and crystal clean water islands and can be describe like the paradise on earth.


The Guna yala territory (as the Gunas indians call San Blas) are totally autonomous area, controlled by the indians. This islands are not yet discovered by the massive tourism industry and fully in control of the native Kuna’s.


The Kuna people protect their lands against massive tourism and keep them healthy and beautiful. This makes the San Blas islands unique in the World if you are searching for untouched nature and culture.


The Guna people are one of the most interesting and well-preserved indigenous cultures of the Americas. Known as the Pygmies of America (because of their short stature) they have unique habits. In general they are very happy and friendly, being that many only speak the Guna language.


San Blas has a limited offer of accommodation. Several Kuna families offer space for camping or rustic huts. But the best way to get to know the islands is through the sailboats.


With our boat you will have the freedom to reach the most beautiful islands and try the best nature adventures but always by a comfortable floating hotel.


The climate in San Blas can be divided into two main seasons. The first of them considered with high season starts in December with the arrival of the Aliseos winds. During the period from December to May, the Aliseos winds blow strongly and the climate remains most of the open and sunny weather. This is the best season for sailing, kite surfing and surfing.


The other season known as the rainy season (or low season) starts in June and runs through November.


This season despite the name is not so rainy, usually the rains are fast and most of the day is sunny. At that time there is little wind and consequently few waves, being the perfect season for snorkeling, paddle board and kayaking.


Let yourself go and live a unique luxury experience in life

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Luxury Catamaran San Blas

NUMA, Boutique Hotel Catamaran. Designed and Built to offer you the best experience in San Blas Islands ALL INCLUSIVE in Panama.


Luxury Yacht San Blas

SHAULA YACHT. Designed and Built to offer you the best experience in San Blas Islands ALL INCLUSIVE in Panama.


We work with few very reliable companies dedicated to transportation service. The most common way to reach San Blas is by 4×4 Jeep and will take approxx 2 hours from Panama City to Carti (port on San Blas mainland) then a taxi boat from the same company will bring you till the outside islands where usually all boats stay.

Another method could be by plane or helicopter, there are few little airports in San Blas and in that casecase, we’ll move the boat close to the airport and pickup directly the clients at the airport.

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Menu OnBoard Example Best Catamaran in
San Blas Islands Panama.

Our food is one of the many things that make us the best option in all of San Blas. We have a dedicated Chef who is perfectly trained to provide excellent international gastronomic experiences that will make your stay on our luxury boats a unique experience, each dish is prepared with great care and dedication, always seeking excellence and delighting our guests with flavors and aromas. passengers, who will surely be fascinated.

And thanks to our all-inclusive service you will also enjoy delicious snacks and delicious drinks.

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San Blas Islands Tour Moments

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The Perfect Place For The Perfect Romantic Evening.

We love organizing romantic evenings for our clients, where we take into account every detail so that our guests live a unique experience and that it is fondly remembered for the rest of their lives, we have experience in weddings and honeymoons where privacy and details play a super important role.


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In case of anti Covid-19 regulations preventing charter, we confirm the possibility of change
the booked charter to a new date, in the same season, with no additional cost.

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