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The crew will be available throughout the cruise so feel free to express yourself if you need help at any time. In order to facilitate your accommodation on board we propose a memorandum of standards on board

  • The mission crew:

    The captain is responsible for the boat, the crew and the guests on board. He is also your guide, head of the organization of your cruise, and is the head of security, navigation and technology. He has the right at any time, if deemed necessary, to change the planned route and / or to stop the boat based either on the weather situation or safety. The Chef is responsible for the kitchen, preparing all meals served on board. Note that the use of
    the kitchen and all its equipment (including fridge and freezer) is strictly reserved for the crew. The overall service and table service can be performed by the master or stuart or both. The goal of each member of our crew is always being friendly, helpful, discreet andprofessional.

  • Security:

    The boat is equipped according with the safety standards required by the current maritime law. This equipment includes life jackets (greater than or equal to the maximum number of persons on board), one life rafts, severalfire extinguishers installed, etc. The crew knows all the procedures and safety standards, but, to avoid loading the procedure in the welcome aboard, explanations about safety procedures are reduced to the essentials. For deeper understanding of the issues and techniques in security please do not hesitate to consult with the captain he will be please to provide the information you requested.

  • The use of bathrooms:

    The hydraulic / exhaust system of a boat are more delicate than the one installed in a house. To prevent damage and lack of toilet operation you must throw the least amount of toilet paper and avoid throwing other materials (example, Tampax, hygienic towels, etc.). On the use of fresh water the boat is equipped with a desalination system, however, the installation and the capacity of water on board are not comparable to those of a normal house, therefore, for the good of all people on board, it is recommended to avoid leaving taps running, etc. The crew will be at your disposal to explain the operation of the bathrooms.

  • Cleaning clothes on board:

    The hostes/stuart is responsible for the daily cleaning of your cabin and to change sheets and towels. Due to the lack of space for storing clothes and towels cabins, they will be change once a week, however, if you require any additional changes or other towels please contact the hostess. Please do not use the cabin towels as beach towels, the boat is equipped with beach towels, ask the hostess.

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  • Meals:

    The Chef is in charge of preparing all meals according to the menu that has been proposed. Importantly, the above menu is subject to market availability. Meals will be served on a set schedule: 8:00 to 9:00 Breakfast; 12:30 Lunch; 19:30 Dinner, if you want any change in the established schedules do not hesitate to ask the crew.

  • Footwear:

    To prevent damage on the surfaces inside the boat, the crew will ask you to remove your shoes and put it in the containers provided

  • Use of equipment on board:

    All equipment on board such as: TV, DVD, hi -fi, air conditioning, sports equipment such as snorkeling gear, fishing, etc. are available, except those provided in the list of optional extras on board.

  • The dinghy:

    For security reasons, the use of the dinghy is strictly reserved for the crew to be always available when you want to go to the mainland, depending on the labor commitments of the crew.

  • Smoke:

    For security reasons is absolutely restricted to smoke inside the boat.

  • The route election:

    There is a suggested itinerary that gives between 1-2 hours of a day to reach the destination whether they are beaches,Islands or barrier reefs etc. You can ask the captain if you can make any changes on the route, wherever possible, depending on the weather situation, the safety of the passengers, the crew and the ship, always allowing arrival at the specified locations before it gets dark.

  • The service included / not included in your cruise:

    The captain is in possession of a copy of the lease. To avoid any misunderstanding, take account of the points rapidly. If you have any questions please consult the captain.

  • The Bar:

    The contract includes the supply of mineral water, wine, beer and rum. Other products like champagne, cocktails, etc. will have an additional charge as stated in the price list located in the vessel. The account of extras must be canceled to the captain the last night of stay in the pot. Note: Remember that it is strictly prohibited to enter food or drink to the boat.


Panama Yachting

The Finest San Blas Charter

  • Fuel:

    Fuel for the journey is included in the price, calculated in a maximum of 3 hours sailing per day. If there is any unexpected change in the route, the captain will have the right to demand a higher price, calculated as B /. 100.00 Per hour of navigation after the 3 hours given.

  • Duties and Port:

    If you require entry into a marina the expenses will be borne by the customer.

  • Communication costs:

    The boat has an Inmarsat satellite communication system. The phone will be available to customers with a charge per minute, check with the captain for use. The service fee will be indicated in the pricing list.

  • Fuel:

    Fuel for the journey is included in the price, calculated in a maximum of 3 hours sailing per day. If there is any unexpected change in the route, the captain will have the right to demand a higher price, calculated as B /. 100.00 Per hour of navigation after the 3 hours given.

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